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Tool is proud to present another fine art offering: 'The Fetus in Skull Life-Size Sculpture.'

Inspired by the 10,000 Days and Lateralus album artwork(s) by Alex Grey. Each collectible figure is cast in Polystone, individually hand painted with realistic details, and hand numbered - making each unit similar, but distinct from the next.

The Fetus in Skull Life-Size Sculpture is a beautiful and unique piece of artwork capturing realistic details in full 1:1 presentation. Serving as a larger, more finished, version of the previously released Maquette study. Similar to the Maquette, the Life-Size Sculpture is for the Tool fan collector meant to be appreciated; but also to invoke thought, introspection, and conversation. Special accents can be found throughout the work including the third eye flame painted in full color spectrum which serves as a touch sensor on/off switch for a red flashing LED beating heart effect within the fetus.

This hand-numbered collectible is limited to 2,100 units. 515 of the 2,100 units will be signed by the band. This unique collectible unit will include three components, each individually numbered with a matching sequence of XXXX/2100 to ensure authenticity, collectability and value, today and well into the future.

Directed by Adam Jones and Kellam Cunningham.

The Fetus in Skull Life-Size Sculpture Gallery